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Moisture goodbye
welcome heat!

Moisture goodbye
welcome heat

The Hot & Dry Delivery Boxes are patented boxes that allow the delivery of pizzas without the hassle of humidity produced by condensation.

and customizable

Thanks to the particular micro-perforated cardboard, the heat remains inside and the condensate is instead pushed outwards through the holes.

The Hot & Dry Delivery Boxes are also equipped with a clip on the lid, made from the carton itself, which allows the application of a flyer, a menu or a promotional voucher, useful to increase your visibility and better advertise your business.

The delivery boxes are completely customizable with your logo or your colors according to your needs.

and customizable

Hot and humid air enters the micro holes
The corrugated part of the cardboard becomes a very hot air chamber in a short time
The high temperature of the cardboard prevents the formation of condensation
The convective motions of the hot air move the humidity towards the peripheral areas of the cardboard
3 layers of pure cellulose make it perfect for delivery

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